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New purpose built Infants teaching pool now open

The unique design of our new pool includes a range of side ledges and shallow water that allows us to do a range of activities that accelerate the skill development of your child.

Parents are already commenting on how much more relaxed and confident their child is in our new pool. They have also said that they can’t believe how much better they did in their lesson as a result.

With new changerooms, a parenting room, the best water quality, the best teachers, we really are Hobart’s best learn to swim school.


Our New Pool

Shallow ledges, great
for parents & child

Children can mimic swimming
and breathing

Give your child the best start in life through learning to swim.

Give your child the best start in life!

Children who commence learn to swim early in life have been shown to be months, and even years ahead of non-swimmers in a range of areas unrelated to the actual skills associated with swimming.

These include:

  • Hand/Eye Coordination
  • Achievement in literacy, numeracy & reasoning
  • Understanding & following instructions

These traits prepare your child for schooling, and when this is added to the added benefits of water safety, and being able to enjoy swimming, every child should be doing learn to swim.

These findings are contained in the Early Years Swimming report from Griffith University 2013 report done by Professor Robyn Jorgensen. (Click here for full report)

Enrol your Child

We offer a free assessment for all new enrolments to determine which levels is most appropriate. You can also return to your old level if you have swum with us before.

Click on the button below to register and book your free assessment, or if you have swum with us before call or email us and we can arrange for you to book back into a class through our online system.

Purpose Built Learn to Swim Pools

Our whole aquatic facility has been built with learn to swim in mind.

Our 25 metre pool is heated to 29.5 degrees, with shallow water ( 0.9 M) which is perfect for beginners. We use platforms for the students to stand on in our deep end which is 1.4 M.

Our new Infants teaching pool is heated to 33 degrees, features shallow ledges for infants, a shallow area for babies to sit on, and an even 1.2 M depth throughout. These ledges and shallow areas make the perfect teaching environment for the child, and parent.

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Free Swimming for all Students

All enrolled students can attend for free swimming at off peak times to practice their skills and have some free play in the water. Parental supervision required. Sessions are Friday evening, and Saturday and Sunday Afternoons.

More info about our Programs – click here for more