Fitness Memberships

Our whole approach to membership is finding out what works for YOU.

Some people are highly motivated, just do their own thing and attend regularly without any follow up or accountability. But the fact is that people like this are very rare.

Think back to how many times you have started and then stopped an exercise program – well we want you to “start and stick” at a healthy lifestyle.

Fast Track Your Results

That is why our focus is now on  coaching, education and accountability. We do that in a variety of ways such as through our advanced initial induction  of 6 – 8 sessions to get you started. This will include the following components:

  • Medical and functional screening – to know your current status.

  • Goal setting – to clearly establish what you what to achieve and by when!

  • Nutritional planning – eating well is all about a plan, which we will help you develop.

  • Exercise technique – learn how to train safely and effectively.

  • Weekly Planning – so you know exactly what to do to reach your goals.

  • Regular Follow ups – initially at 30 days and either 30/60 or 90 day intervals depending on what your needs are.

From then on you can participate in fully supervised workouts in our Group Fitness program or our Small Group Personal Training Program.

We use Myzone heart rate monitoring during our workouts so our coaches can ensure you are training with the correct intensity and to provide you with feedback on calories burned and to allow us to closely track your progress.

Afforadable Supervised Training

We also track each PT workout though our personalised APP that we can use to record your workouts, provide weekly exercise and nutrition plans, communicate between coach and you, and generally keep you accountable and on track.

Our main gym is also open 24 hours for those who need that convenience. The access key is only $55 or is included in some of our packages.

We have a range of  flexible all inclusive packages that can be tailored to suit every need.

Pool only – access to our main 25 metre pool and hydrotherapy pool. From $16 a week

Pool plus – pool access plus our aquatic based group fitness classes. From $22 a week

Fitness & Pool

Bronze – Access to pool, gym and all our group fitness programs. From $35 a week

Silver – All the above plus a one hour Small group Personal Training (SGPT)Session and extra coaching and accountability. From $63 a week .

Gold – As above but two SGPT per week. From $89 a week.

Platinum – Everything including unlimited SGPT and premium coaching and support package. From $122 a week.

Membership fees vary depending on eligibility for discounts for students, family, senior and corporate status and minimum term on memberships.

Casual visit passes are also available for pool, classes, gym and Semi Private Personal training.

So why not come in and have a look around to check out our facilities and to meet our team. You need to get a feel for the club and see if it feel right for you, which we know it will.

We are certainly not the cheapest , and we don’t want to be, but we know we provide the best value for money with a focus on results for YOU!